Consideration (27 months before closing)

Introduce yourself and allow the customer to browse. Build a foundation for a long-term relationship.
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Leads at this stage are...

  • Just thinking about buying li>
  • They are probably not talking to other agents li>
  • Attention to news and information related to real estate li>
  • Seeking information from friends, family, and online li>

What should we do...

  • Answer immediately, but don't sell li>
  • Make it clear that you are available for questions li>
  • Don't rush engagement, let them come to you li>
  • Use technology for long-term tracking and engagement li>

in brief

be known, but let them be free

ONLINE SURVEY (11 months before closing)

Be found where the leads are, online. Communicate on their terms and help them search for information.

Leads at this stage are...

  • Looking online, but still far from buying
  • Exploiting what they want and what they can afford
  • More likely to communicate via the web and email
  • You are not ready to choose an agent, but you need knowledge

What should we do...

  • Be found online
  • Make sure your site is a source of information, not sales or marketing
  • Communicate as they want you to. Don't rush a meeting.
  • E-mail with relevant information to build trust and stay on the radar

Buyer Behavior

searching online during the home-buying process

who performed online research visited an agent's website

registered on a website to receive listing alerts

Most Popular Websites

used by consumers when searching for homes online

Information that consumers get online

  • Details about the real estate market
  • Neighborhood and school information
  • Specific market conditions
  • Tips for buying a house
  • What real estate in your area is worth

in brief

increase your online presence

TRANSACTION(1 month before closing)

Provide exceptional service and guidance. Give customers a reason to promote you.

Leads at this stage are...

  • Ready to tour homes in-person with an agent
  • Aware what they want and what they can afford
  • Want specifics about the buying process
  • Need recommendations based on experience

What should we do...

  • Be available to meet in person and tour homes
  • Offer recommendations based on their criteria
  • Provide specifics on the home buying process
  • Respond quickly

average time it takes to negotiate a home purchase

84% use the internet to determine home prices

Buyers Need

  • Assistance finding a home
  • Suggestions for home inspectors and financing companies
  • Clarification of inspection reports and contract details
  • Help negotiating terms of sale

Sellers Need

  • Assistance in pricing their home
  • Help marketing their property to buyers
  • A liaison between themselves and buyers
  • Support with contracts and negotiations

bottom line

give them a reason to work with you again

POST-SALE(2+ months before closing)

Keep in touch with your customers to ensure repeat business and referrals.

Leads in this stage are...

  • Comfortable in their day-to-day
  • Not thinking about real estate
  • Appreciate information about their home's value
  • Likely to buy again in 5 to 7 years

What you should do...

  • Use automation tools to stay in touch
  • Provide gentle reminders of their home's value and market conditions
  • Connect with them on Social Media
  • Ask for referrals

say they would use the same agent again

Stay in touch

Simple gestures are a great way to show a customer you care. Here are several ways to continue your relationship and increase the likelihood of referrals and future business with your customers.
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bottom line

generate repeat business

Start selling more homes, engage in the journey today



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